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Privacy & Cookie Policy

The privacy of Quantock Steamers website users is extremely important to us.

We do not capture any personally identifiable information through usage of the website.

Information we do capture is purely statistical, to monitor the number of individual visitors to the website.

This is to allow us to better tailor the website to accommodate the number of visitors.

Cookies are small files used by websites – with your permission – to store data which the site uses to operate.

These files are stored on your computer, and can be removed. The cookies used by this website do no capture or supply identifiable information.

They are used only to facilitate usage of the website, including storing e-mail addresses used to register or sign up for e-mail updates.

These cookies can be easily disabled or deleted – please see the instructions given by your browser provider.

Website Disclaimer

Quantock Steamers takes all necessary steps to ensure that information on this website is correct and that all products offered herein are fit for purpose.

However, Quantock Steamers and staff cannot and will not accept any liability or responsibility for any losses,

personal, business, monetary or otherwise – that may result from the use of this website, information or associated services offered herein.

Use of this website, on both this and subsequent occasions, implies agreement both with this disclaimer and the Terms and Conditions of this website.